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Map Heart Garland

is there anything more beautiful than atlases & maps?

♥ 8
Branch Candle Holders

Wanted a way to recycle a bit of our Christmas Tree.

♥ 13
Spikey Photo Frame From Soda Can

creative recycling of soda cans

♥ 4
Indigo Dyed Stuff Door Hanger

Use an Easy Indigo Dying it to Create These "lovely" Door Hangers

♥ 2
Bow Hanbgings

make bows from pieces of clothes tie them togather and hang them they look beautiful

♥ 3
Beaded Dream Catcher

My version of the well-known dream catcher

♥ 16
Fabric Easter Eggs

A quick and fun Easter project, great for using up fabric scraps!

♥ 10
Crochet Bouquet

♥ 2
Prom Crusade Flag

♥ 0
Teacher Picture

♥ 4
Cardboard M

♥ 2
Flowers From Ear Buds

♥ 16
Christmas Wreath

♥ 1
Add Unique Lighting To A Room

Use two simple and cheap objects to amplify a room.

♥ 12
Photo Frame With Hearts....

i made this cute photo frame for my elder sister......she is the best sister ever....

♥ 2
Butterflies...<3 <3

they look great at night!!!!!!

♥ 3
Paper Heart Garland


♥ 1
Map Covered Love Letters

A great way to use maps of special places you've lived or traveled!

♥ 27
Geometric Wreath

Add some modern edge to your holiday decor!

♥ 6
Diy Paper Cup Candle Light Lamp

Easy romanic moment in 10 minutes!

♥ 7
Pom Pom Wreath

this pom pom wreath is super easy to make and turns out really cute!

♥ 2
Bunting Flags

Perfect decorating accessory

♥ 9
Welcome Sign

♥ 1
Paper Scraps Flower Wall Art

Turn those scrapbook paper scraps into a work of art!

♥ 31
Toilet Paper Wreath

♥ 4
Mini Heart Valentine's Day Garland

Love is in the air... and hanging from the door frames...

♥ 1
Wall Decoration

Food design felt in a picture frame

♥ 3
Cassette Lantern

Nice and personal lantern for a tealight

♥ 4

♥ 2
Candle Holder

♥ 2
Shell Candle

♥ 3
Bow Wreath

♥ 2
Butterfly Wall

A creative way to add flair to an empty wall.

♥ 18
Leaf Circular Piece

♥ 0
Random Object

♥ 0
Diy "Heart Attack" Garland

Attack 'em with love.

♥ 11
Jellyfish With Plastic Bottles

Create a wonderful sea landscape with only one bottle

♥ 14
Felt Roses

♥ 17
How To Make Candle Stand From Waste Plastic Bottle...

candle holder reuse plastic bottles

♥ 30
Tinfoil Hearts

this are really pretty and nice :D

♥ 0
Mini Heart Mobile Baby Toy

♥ 0
Spring Home Decor Frame

Get your home ready for Spring with this simple project.

♥ 3
Photo Frame

awesome.....really easy to make...

♥ 3
Easter Egg Art

Create a quick and simple Easter home decor project using paper scraps.

♥ 2

♥ 1
Felt Birds On A String & Tassle

Cute and fun summery felt string & tassle

♥ 9
How To Make Fun Candy Garlands From Paper Scaps!

Adorable decoration using small scraps of colourful paper.

♥ 12
Slytherin Door Sign

♥ 4
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