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Crochet Doily Lanterns

A beautiful way to use torn or stain doilies that may otherwise be destined for the dump.

♥ 10
Flower Ball

♥ 3
Tin Candle Tea Light

heart and smiley face tea light

♥ 3
Fake Aquarium

No need to buy a real one!

♥ 8
Paper Bunting

♥ 0
Butterflied Your Room!

Fill your room with very cheap and easy-to-do butterflies!

♥ 4
Colourful Pinwheels

♥ 3
Ribbon Flowers

♥ 1
How To Paper Flag Bunting

A easy diy to jazz up your next celebration

♥ 5
Orange Votive Candle Diy

Got oranges? Don't toss those rinds, they make lovely votive candles!

♥ 5
Pocket Galaxies

♥ 52
Be Or Not To Be

♥ 0
How To Make Cinnamon Dough Ornaments + Gift Embellishments

The possibilities are endless with this project! Tie the ornaments onto gifts as embellishments, hang them on the tree, or string many together to create a garland.

♥ 6
Nautical Decor

Six fun and easy nautical decor projects that are perfect for summer!

♥ 7
Card Stock Garland

♥ 3
Name Board (For My Bedroom Door)

I wanted a new name-sign and this is what I came up with... ^^

♥ 7
Recycled Beer Can Flower

♥ 4
Cute Little Mushroom Decoration

a cupcake gangster creation

♥ 0
Window Foil Art Work

put foil over your window to keep your room cool? add an awesome design to let some natural light in!

♥ 16
Super Easy Air Freshener

A quick and easy diy air freshener recipe that takes just minutes to make, and does an awesome job!

♥ 8
Crocheted Wedding Bouquet

Crochet your Wedding Bouquet!

♥ 97
Photo Clothes Pin Line

♥ 3
Felt Bird Mobile

♥ 8
Thrift Store Knick Knack Makeover

Give your thrift store finds a classy makeover with this easy project.

♥ 5
Candle Holders

♥ 1
Girl And Bear Mobile

Find & Keep

♥ 4
80's Country Wall Art To Embellished Shutters!!!

Redo Grandma's wall plaques. Add hinges and vintage costume jewelry.

♥ 2
Personalized Sign

♥ 1
Craft Room

♥ 2
Colourful Macaws

♥ 3
How To Make Pom Pom Pumpkins

These little pumpkins make cute accessories for bookshelves or other nooks and crannies, and they'd be cute compliments to table place cards, too.

♥ 11
Sweet Trees

♥ 2
How To Make A Cupcake Liner Tree

The humble yet versatile cupcake liner is used to create an elegant tree decoration that would be perfect for holidays and weddings.

♥ 4
Embroidery Hoop Wall Art.

Use fabric scraps and an embroidery hoop for making a colorful piece of wall art.

♥ 13
How To Make Book Page Bird Nests With Glitter Eggs

Tiny bird's nests made from old book pages and filled with fun glittered eggs.

♥ 9
Candle Stand From Glass Bangles And Waste Cd

its a way of recycling waste glass bangles and cd in a creative manner

♥ 12
Stone Feet

♥ 3
Smelly Heart

♥ 0
How To Make Felt Pinwheels.

Colorful felt pinwheels to make your life brighter.

♥ 46
Colorful Fruit Bunting.

I want to show you how to make a pretty and colorful bunting as decor with simple means and with using fabric scraps. Have fun! :)

♥ 1
Map Heart Garland

is there anything more beautiful than atlases & maps?

♥ 8
Branch Candle Holders

Wanted a way to recycle a bit of our Christmas Tree.

♥ 13
Spikey Photo Frame From Soda Can

creative recycling of soda cans

♥ 4
Indigo Dyed Stuff Door Hanger

Use an Easy Indigo Dying it to Create These "lovely" Door Hangers

♥ 2
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