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Easy Spiced Chai
Tea >

A tasty pick-me-up. Even my cat wanted some :-)

♥ 5
Fizzy Milk
Milk >

Slighty sweet, and totally fizzy, this drink is great for all ages!

♥ 1
Yummy Lassi (Milk Shake.)

♥ 0
Mango Smoothie


♥ 45
Blood For Your Inner Vamp. }:)

To quench your vampire thirst...

♥ 9

Hip Sips: Goosey

♥ 10
Peach Mojito

Southern Cocktails: Dixie Drinks, Party Potions, and Classic Libations

♥ 30
Hurricane Cocktails

The taste of New Orleans in a glass.

♥ 31
Orange Grape Currant Juice

Sweet Fruit Punch. In only 5 minutes!

♥ 1
Chai Tea
Tea >

♥ 0
Make You Smile Hot Chocolate

Perfect for those cold winter nights :]

♥ 20
Fresh Lemon Lime Juice

From Hip Sips

♥ 5
Splash Cocktail

from Hip Sips

♥ 8
Wendy's Frosty

Simple and easy frosty's made right at home - taste like the real thing!

♥ 44
Beat The Heat! Smoothie

Beat The Heat! Smoothie Recipe

♥ 7
Yummy Lassi (Milk Shake.)

a oh-so-yummy treat for a hot summer day!

♥ 38
The Best Banana Smoothie Eva

this recipe is scrumdiliumcus and is a great way to get rid of all those brown bananas no 1 will eat

♥ 13

A tasty way to get your daily dose of fruit...and red wine :)

♥ 26
Shirley Temples


♥ 29
Skittles Vodka

Yummy Treat to wow your friends

♥ 120
Sweetie Vodka

Something sweet to get those taste buds going...

♥ 40
Unbelievable Raspberry Lavender Margarita

Regular maragaritas can get boring....

♥ 24
Blueberry Vodka

Well, why not?

♥ 16
Strawberry Lemonade

sweet and tangy

♥ 19
How To Make A Real Latte!

Hey, look! It's Rachie's first tutorial! :-D

♥ 21
Simple Strawberry Tea
Tea >

yummyy !

♥ 12
T Ropical Smoothie On The Go


♥ 52
Rice Milk

Super Simple Homemade Rice Milk

♥ 22
Hannah's Super Easy Vanilla Latte

A Tasty Vanilla Latte on a College Student Budget!!

♥ 20
Mock Pink Champagne

Great non-alcoholic drink for girl's night and Pure Romance parties. :D

♥ 41
Breakfast Tofu Shake!

so yummy

♥ 13
Strawberry Drink

strawberry, drink, healthy, sweet

♥ 11
Yogurt Shake

5 minute yogurt shake

♥ 19
Potion Recipe: Mint Magic
Tea >

it works wonders!

♥ 52
Italian Soda

It's SO easy & refreshing!

♥ 74
Hot Cranberry Cider

Great For Cold Nights

♥ 18
Banana Smoooothie


♥ 18
Hot Chocolate Pods

How To Make Hot Chocolate Pods

♥ 320
Mock Mimosa

a quick, out of the ordinary drink, super cheap, easy, and tasty.

♥ 18
Grapity Grape Juice

Another Wubbzy Favorite

♥ 14
Spritzer Mocktail

What is purple but tastes like watermelon? This drink does.

♥ 8
Spiced Apple Juice

A nice cup of spiced apple juice to warm you during the cold months.

♥ 17
Cranberry Vodka

Why have plain vodka?!

♥ 35

A tasty traditional Christmas drink.

♥ 47
Sonota Banana Split Smoothie!!!

sonota banana split smoothie really tastes like a banana split!!!

♥ 13
Hard Apple Cider

Just in time for a warm & fuzzy holiday season!

♥ 35
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

For when you need that sweet & salty fix. Serving Size: 1

♥ 41
Home Made Wine

Thirsty yet?

♥ 29
Swamp Sludge

a delicious mistake!

♥ 41
Cappuccino! (At Home Using Stuff You Already Own)

A cafe style coffee treat to serve to guests or just to indulge in alone.

♥ 37
Spiced Chai Tea Mix
Tea >

Great for holiday gift baskets

♥ 50
Starbucks Gingerbread Latte

Great Christmas coffee... at home!

♥ 114
Potion Recipe: Bad Blood

a knockoff version of tru blood

♥ 74
"Blood" Halloween Cocktail

The chosen drink of vampires

♥ 13
"Potion" Halloween Cocktail

A brighly coloured, fizzy mixture.

♥ 11
"Trick Or Treat" Halloween Cocktail

An indulgent treat with a hidden kick.

♥ 26
Coquito Recipe (Puerto Rican Alcoholic Drink)

for your Holiday party ;)

♥ 21
Sweet Passion Tea Lemonade.

This is a refreshing drink I love

♥ 140
Vanilla Bean Frap

I am addicted to these things..

♥ 205
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