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I Pad Mini Sleeve

Protect your iPad Mini with in lovely case with a simple leather strap.

♥ 9
Recycled Wine Cork Necklace

Create this recycled necklace with items you already have in your home

♥ 2
Pagan Necklaces

♥ 2
1920's Inspired Dress

Perfect for a Halloween costume

♥ 3
Pom Pom Case

Bright and fluffy.

♥ 1
Sticker Case

Cute and doesn't cost a fortune.

♥ 1
Diy Bunny Headband

Get into the Easter spirit

♥ 4
Zombie Brain Heart

♥ 4
Capped Slippers

Cozy two-toned ballet slippers for lounging around the house.

♥ 7
Pink Lace Crop Top

♥ 1
Cropped Black Sweater

♥ 0
Brown Smock Dress

♥ 3
R2D2 Hat

Beep be-boop!

♥ 17
Swirly Stud Earrings

Easy to make Stud earrings

♥ 22

Knit1, Sip 2

♥ 2
Make An Easy Skirt

Make an easy skirt

♥ 8
Hand Woven Belt

♥ 0
Upcycled T Shirt Bag

Create a t-shirt bag with a quick stitch & a snip!

♥ 4
Bow Tie Tutorial

Make your own classic bow tie!

♥ 3
Satin Rose Ring

Cute satin ribbon rose ring

♥ 8
Crochet Hood

♥ 4
Bistro To Boho…

release your inner hippie with my DIY lace top

♥ 6
Bohemian Bells…

the perfect match to my bistro to boho lace top!

♥ 4

Crackin' skulls and takin' names!

♥ 5
How To Make An Easy And Versatile Shirt (For Cheap!)

Learn to make an adorable shirt easy and cheap!

♥ 8
Wrapped Loops And Connectors

How to make wrapped loops

♥ 3
Bleeding Heart Bracelet

Jewelry For All Seasons

♥ 7
Macrame Alternating Larks Head Beaded Bracelet With Sliding Closure

Macrame Beaded Bracelet with Slider Closure

♥ 3
The Purple Lotus

♥ 3
Lego Man Mitts

Staying warm in style!

♥ 19
Rockin' Rings

rings, rocks

♥ 0
A Most Excellent Diy Shirt Dress

Silky, comfy & oh-so-stylin!

♥ 4
Mystic Corset

Ouija inspired Corset

♥ 5
Cross Necklaces

♥ 0
Geode Necklace

♥ 0
Turtle Necklace

♥ 1

Scarf with a hood or hat with overgrown earflaps?

♥ 14
How To Make An Easy And Cheap Shirt From Silk Scarves

Wanna learn how to make a super cute and breezy summer top? What if I told you it only cost me about 3.50? And what if I told you it took me about 5 minutes?!

♥ 13
League Of Legends, Crochet Teemo Hat

Now a how-to! :)

♥ 4
Easy Studded Boots

Bc everything's better with studs. ;)

♥ 18
Preemie Hats For Charity

Stashbusting for a cause!

♥ 4
Woven Bow Charm

Attach the bows EVERYWHERE!

♥ 34
Easy Scarf Tutorial

super easy scarf tutorial!

♥ 2
How To Make An Easy Dress (For Cheap!)

How to make an easy high waisted dress for cheap!

♥ 49

Stylish sushi sheath

♥ 5
Galaxy Print Shoes

mah spacy shoes

♥ 26
Alice Mitts (Part Two)

part 2 of the instructions: make and add the hearts

♥ 5
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