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Learn how to make a pendant

Top Projects

Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Ornament

Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Ornament

A detailed tutorial.

♥ 1451
Scrabble Tile Pendant

Scrabble Tile Pendant

Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial

♥ 1099
How To Make Resin Pendants

How To Make Resin Pendants

It's alot easier than you think.

♥ 1054
Bottle Cap Locket

Bottle Cap Locket

A modern up-cycling take on a a classic.

♥ 760
Alice In Wonderland Necklace
Vials >

Alice In Wonderland Necklace

definitely not poison

♥ 727

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♥ 0
Seashell Pendant Necklace

Watch my video tutorial on YouTube

♥ 4
Cheap Origami Owl Locket

♥ 1
Origami Star Necklace

Washi Wonderful

♥ 38
Penguin Locket

♥ 3
Mixed Media Crochet: Festoon Pendant

Lacy gear for the neck..

♥ 7
Bottle Cap Locket

♥ 4
Ankh Pendant

♥ 0
Bookshelf Pendent

♥ 4
Geometric Pendant Diy

Make your own geometric pendants from polymer clay.

♥ 23
Diy Statement Necklace

I love all things trendy and statement necklaces are no exception. What better way to rock such a huge fun necklace than on a special occasion.

♥ 15
Recycled Wine Cork Necklace

Create this recycled necklace with items you already have in your home

♥ 2
Zombie Brain Heart

♥ 4
The Purple Lotus

♥ 4
Woven Bow Charm

Attach the bows EVERYWHERE!

♥ 36
Wirework Key

When you're feeling down, make a key. Said no one ever. Except for me!

♥ 65
Celtic Butterfly Pendant

A mini butterfly to grace your lovely neck..

♥ 76
Angel And Demon Wings Pendant

Everyone has a light and dark side...

♥ 89
Dragonfly Pendant

D.I.Y wire dragonfly pendant

♥ 26
Bow Necklace

Knitting Smitten

♥ 13
Gold Arrow Necklace

Simple DIY necklace in stunning gold

♥ 10
DIY Ribbon Bow Necklace

A cheap, easy and stylish jewelry project with fabric stiffener.

♥ 30
Bead Wrapped Pendant

birds nest pendant... modified!

♥ 4
Diy Geometric "Diamond" Necklace

A cheaper way to wear a big diamond!

♥ 15
Swirly Tree Of Life Pendant

Fun with swirls!

♥ 21
Butterfly Bookmark/Pendant

A duel-function butterfly to satisfy your bookmark needs..

♥ 11
Clay Pretzel Necklace

Put a pretzel on it!

♥ 7
Handpainted Pendants

♥ 2
Blue Öyster Cult Pendant

Don't fear the reaper... join the Congregation!

♥ 2
Little Bottle Necklace

♥ 1
Keyhole Chain Link

Steampunk Jewellery

♥ 7
Httyd / Dreamworks: Dragons Dragon Training Academy Pendant

This is for all the dragon training vikings out there...

♥ 5
Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Pendant

Tote around fond memories from the beach..

♥ 23
How To Make A Hammered Spike Necklace

Make a Hammered Spike Necklace

♥ 3
Tree Of Life Pendants

♥ 3
Jewelry Project

♥ 2
Swirly Butterfly Pendant

Swirls always give a classy touch!

♥ 9
Sailor Doodle Charms

♥ 1
Diy Bow Necklace

How to make an easy bow necklace from scrap fabric!

♥ 3
How To: A Metal Stamped Necklace

Make a met stamped necklace

♥ 16
8 Bit Heart Necklace Set

Geek Love

♥ 42
Pista Shell Pendant!

another best out of waste!

♥ 6
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