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Learn how to make a bracelet

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Wrapper Bracelet

Wrapper Bracelet

Recycle your old sweetie wrappers in to a cute bracelet.

♥ 1627
Gummy Bear Bracelet

Gummy Bear Bracelet

Don't just eat your sweeties, wear them.

♥ 850
Fork Bracelet

Fork Bracelet

Fork + pliers = bracelet!

♥ 830
Cut Here Bracelet

Cut Here Bracelet

In need of an emergency wrist amputation...?

♥ 738
Pop Tab Bracelet

Pop Tab Bracelet

Start raiding your recycling bin!

♥ 722

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Faux Leather Bracelet

A bracelet that looks like leather but is not!

♥ 1
Friendship Bracelet

Simple Diagonal Stripe Friendship Bracelet

♥ 9
Wish Bracelet

♥ 1
Lace Macrame

♥ 1
Horse Hair

♥ 1
Diy Morse Code Bracelets


♥ 18
Glam Rock Chain Cuffs

Glam Rock Chain Cuffs

♥ 4
Simple Linked Bracelet

Rubber Band Jewellery

♥ 1
Fimo Cupcake Bracelet


♥ 0
Thread Wrapped Bracelets

Colorful and trendy bracelets

♥ 6
Basic Bracelet Tutorial


♥ 0
Diy Bead Bracelet

Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

♥ 11
Braided Chain Bracelet

A Colorful Double-Wrap Bracelet DIY

♥ 25
Chain Cord Bracelet

Layer up your arm party with this bracelet!

♥ 8
Soon Raccoon Cupcake Charms

soooooon..... :D Happy Anniversary to the Brain Scoop!!

♥ 1
Wire Name Pendant

♥ 0
Diy Arm Chain

Perfect for festivals and concerts!

♥ 4
Charm Bracelet Diy

Turn heads with this fun new take on a charm bracelet.

♥ 26
Curved Bead Cord Bracelet

A super simple bracelet to make!

♥ 3
Knitted Bracelet Pattern

A basic knitted bracket made to size

♥ 0
Stackable Bangles

Make stackable bangles with zip ties and leftover fabric scraps

♥ 15
Beaded Fishtail Loom Bands Bracelet

Make a beaded fishtail style loom bands bracelet

♥ 4
Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet

A classic friendship bracelet pattern to try

♥ 5
Kate Spade Inspired Rope Bracelet

An easy DIY to make a bracelet from inexpensive supplies

♥ 22
How To Make A Victorian Bracelet

Victorian/Lolita bracelet. Can also be made into a choker.

♥ 7
Bow Bracelet

DIY tiny bow bracelet

♥ 8
Swirls & Beads Bracelet

Make a swirly beaded bracelet!

♥ 6
Dream Catcher Bracelet

♥ 1
Bleeding Heart Bracelet

Jewelry For All Seasons

♥ 9
Macrame Alternating Larks Head Beaded Bracelet With Sliding Closure

Macrame Beaded Bracelet with Slider Closure

♥ 4
Simple Seed Beads Bracelet

Turn some extra seed beads into a fun fashion statement!

♥ 8
How To Teach Old Pearls New Tricks

Create fun beachy jewelry using stuffy thrift store pearls!

♥ 12
Wire Star Bracelet

A chain of stars upon your wrist...

♥ 23
Candy Jewelry Diy

Candy Jewelry that looks good enough to eat!

♥ 6
Swirly Wire Bracelet


♥ 43
Wire Beaded Bracelet

D.I.Y. Beaded Bracelet

♥ 1
Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Coin Bracelet

Get the designer look for less with this easy DIY!

♥ 4
Chanel Inspired Giant Pearl Bracelet

A fun and affordable take on Chanel's Spring 2014 collection of baubles!

♥ 8
Swirl Wrapped Bead Bracelet

Fun with beads and wire!

♥ 21
Tassel Bracelet

Don't cut those cords- turn them into a tassel!

♥ 6
Relay For Life Cupcake Charms

Cupcakes for less cancer!

♥ 1
Upcycled Bracelet

♥ 0
Let Go Leather Wrapped Stamped Metal Bracelet

Create your own stamped message for this simple leather wrapped bracelet.

♥ 9
Beaded Loops Bracelet

A simple companion for your wrist.

♥ 24
Helm Weave Bracelet

♥ 3
Simple Cut Adjustable Bangle

Nothing is more perfect than a simple adjustable bangle DIY!

♥ 5
Sweet Bow Bracelets

Here is a simple bow bracelet for your arm parties!

♥ 1
Plastic Gemstone Statement Necklace

Here is a low cost chic and trendy statement necklace DIY.

♥ 5
Feather Bracelet

Birds of a feather flock to your wrist.

♥ 8
Diy: Bejewelled Chunky Bracelet

Make a bejewelled chunky bracelet!

♥ 1
Rosary Beading Inspired Bracelet

Colorful beads and craft wires always inspire me!

♥ 20
Bodacious Button Bangles

Super scrap busting!

♥ 12
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