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Learn how to make a halter top

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Halter Top With Bow Detail

Halter Top With Bow Detail

A chic, sweetheart-cut halter top w/ bow detail on back

♥ 692
Cute Top

Cute Top

an old t shirt turned into a cute halter top

♥ 654
*No Sew* Cute Halter Shirt/Tunic From A Old Oversized Shirt

*No Sew* Cute Halter Shirt/Tunic From A Old Oversized Shirt

no sew halter shirt tunic from old teeshirt tshirt recon brown haired barbie

♥ 446
Corset Shirt

Corset Shirt

For those days you just don't have time to make a real corset!

♥ 392
Low Cut, Empire Waist, Halter Top

Low Cut, Empire Waist, Halter Top

Old t-shirt to cute top!

♥ 378

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Biohazard Halter Top

♥ 4
Shell Top

♥ 2
Diy Recycled Thrift Shop Top

recycled madness

♥ 12
Striped Tank For The Girlie Refs!

From the book Knockdown Knits, a cute halter top for roller derby refs-Photos by Matt Bowen

♥ 10
Scarfy Chain Halter

Light and breezy, perfect for summer.

♥ 6
Bustle Halter Top

♥ 52
Backless Scarf Top

Backless scarf top with chain ties

♥ 44
Bustled Camisole Top

♥ 13
Men's T Shirt Into Cute Halter Top

Perfect for men's t's, concert tops or anything that you want to make look more feminine

♥ 73
Pillowcase Shirt

♥ 7
Cute Ice Cream Out Fit

♥ 2
How To Sew A Bra Into A Halter Top Dress

You don't want your bra straps to show under your halter, and you defently don't want to go without a bra!

♥ 17
Cute Top

♥ 2
Angry Birds Pig Halter Top

♥ 10
From Old Band Shirt...

♥ 3
Late Night Shirt Take Two

♥ 11
Converted Baseball T

♥ 2
No Sew Tank Top

♥ 5
Ruffle Accent Top

A gypsy punk version of my bustled camisole top

♥ 19
From Old Band Shirt Take Two

Hot damn another how-to

♥ 49
Late Night Shirt Take Two

Already posted but noooow its a how-to

♥ 236
Late Night Shirt

♥ 25
Nice Pink Shirt

just refitting t-shirt

♥ 3
Flri Tee Skir Tee Top/Dress

A cute and easy top that is good for summer barbecues or fun at the beach

♥ 9
Pillowcase Shirt/Dress

Simple shirt or kid's dress. versatile. frm a pillowcase.

♥ 15
How To Make A Halter Top


♥ 42
Homemade Cami With Bra Straps

really easy and cute

♥ 15
Cute Top

♥ 8
T Shirt To Tank Top

♥ 2
Yellow Tank

♥ 1
From Old Band Shirt...

♥ 16
Bustled Camisole Top

easy but particular!

♥ 329
No Sew Halter From A Longsleeve T Shirt :)

Cute top in a few easy steps!

♥ 13
Halter Top With Bow Detail

♥ 1
Cute Top

♥ 3
T Shirt Halter

♥ 1
Baby T Shirt   > Halter Tank (Re Con)

turn any t-shirt into a sexy fitted tank top!

♥ 37
Itajime Dyed Beach Cover Up's a Tshirt Refashion!

♥ 64
Diy Cutout Tank Variation

A stylish way to transform a tank without sewing.

♥ 60
T Shirt Recon

♥ 23
Summer Cute Top

♥ 1

♥ 3
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