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Learn how to paint a t-shirt

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Oh Dear,its An Over Sized Teenvogue 80's Shirt

Oh Dear,its An Over Sized Teenvogue 80's Shirt


♥ 473
Stencil A Shirt

Stencil A Shirt

How to stencil a shirt.

♥ 388
"Lined Paper Tee"

"Lined Paper Tee"

Now all you need is a pen...

♥ 316
D.I.Y Chanel Shirt

D.I.Y Chanel Shirt

You can create your own Chanel shirt at home and its kinda really easy!

♥ 261
Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirts

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirts


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How To Customise A T Shirt

A cheap way to be a superhero

♥ 2
Simple Logo Tshirt

All you need is washable school glue, printer paper, a cotton swab, fabric paint, and a toothpick.

♥ 4
Little Mermaid Crop Top

Ariel's Seashell Bikini Shirt!

♥ 24
Jack Skellington T Shirt!

all you need is a black shirt and white acrylic paint! ...oh, and a paintbrush... :P

♥ 9
A O O T Shirt

♥ 1
Bleach Bridal Party Shirts

T-shirt + bleach gel = fun design!

♥ 3
Painted Geometric Tee

When your craft project ends up on your white t-shirt...

♥ 1
Strawberry Stamped Shirt

Sweetest shirt around.

♥ 41
22nd Birthday Shirt

yes, those are candles

♥ 1
Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt

Show off your inner geek with this galaxy shirt!

♥ 73
Diy: Patterned Block Letter Tee

To use the letters in the tutorial download them from my Photobucket album!

♥ 2
Neon Flower Print Top

When you can't find the print top you want, make your own!

♥ 4
Just Go! T Shirt

When you can't travel, you can at least make your own airplane print.

♥ 4
T Shirt Blanc

Easy print tee!

♥ 2
Neon Fabric Spray Paint Tee

Not your traditional painted tee!

♥ 0
Stamped Pocket Tee

simple tshirt alteration

♥ 10
Diy Stamped Shirt

Stamp a shirt

♥ 7
Diy Horror+Ice Cream= I Scream Tank Top

Make everyone scream with this horrific ice-cream!

♥ 4
Galaxy T Shirt 2

Nebula Galaxy Space

♥ 22
Lined Stencil T Shirts

use a stencil and marker to make a cool effect on any t-shirt

♥ 6
Sharpie Guidelines For Fabric Painting

Make guidelines for your design before painting it on fabric.

♥ 6
Cat Painted T Shirt

♥ 17
Lady Gaga Inspired Little Monster's Top

monster drawing

♥ 5
Diy Fashionista: Screenprinted Bulldog Tee

Man's Best Friend

♥ 14
Diy Stenciled Jack Daniel's T Shirt

Hottest T-shirt design ever!

♥ 59
Decorated Clothes

♥ 0
Cookie Monster T Shirt

♥ 4
Kiss Bear T Shirt

♥ 1
Adventure Time Vest Top

cheap painted (washable) tops :)

♥ 5
Salvador Dali T Shirt

♥ 18
Cute Penguin T Shirt

♥ 1
Diy Deer Print T Shirt

A super easy animal print t-shirt!

♥ 92
Owl T Shirt

Owl T Shirt

♥ 48
Mother Of God T Shirt

♥ 2
24601 Shirt

♥ 2
Fabric Paint T Shirt :3

♥ 3
Bleach Print Leaves On To A T Shirt

Make an easy and unique autumn/winter themed T-shirt.

♥ 2
Painted Skeleton Shirt

♥ 29
Feminist Patch

Como hacer un parche para la ropa

♥ 9
Skull Sweatshirt

♥ 0
Diy Chanel T Shirt

chanel t.shirt, tee, diy

♥ 15
Adventure Time Tee

♥ 3
Cassette Shirt =)

♥ 10
Printable T Shirt Transfers   Cameras

Printable T-Shirt Transfers: Cameras (PDFs + photoshop tutorial)

♥ 17
Homemade Leopard/Hello Kitty Shirt:]

[homemade] because its means more when you gift it or keep it:]

♥ 26
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