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Learn how to make a cosmetic

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Amazingly Bright Colored Lip Gloss

Amazingly Bright Colored Lip Gloss

When you can't find the color you are looking for, you can make your own!

♥ 581
Coco Lip Balm

Coco Lip Balm

Make your lips taste delicious with some coco lip balm.

♥ 432
Banana Lip Balm

Banana Lip Balm

DIY Banana Lip Balm

♥ 340
Vegan Lip Butter

Vegan Lip Butter

Lady Wurlitzer's Vegan Lip Butter

♥ 268
B**Chy Bee Lip Balm

B**Chy Bee Lip Balm

yummy ^-^

♥ 229

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10 Minute Summer Makeup

It's getting hot out there!

♥ 0
Diy Sugar And Honey Lip Scrub ! Yummy! =) (Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub)

The perfect and yummiest way to have Lipstick-ready lips!

♥ 13
Diy Mint Lip Balm

This refreshing, minty will wake you up and moisturize your lips.

♥ 7
▲Katy Perry   Unconditionally (Official Music Video) Makeup Tutorial ▲…

A simple look perfect for all the Katycats! =)

♥ 1
All Natural Handmade Powder Blush

A perfect gift for the organic and vegan

♥ 56
Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial

The perfect Makeup for a Winter Wonderland ^^

♥ 1
Half False Eyelshes

making those £1 eyelshes that much more wearable.

♥ 7
How To Make Lipbalm

Smooth,sweet lipbalm

♥ 0
Sp Fx Wounds

♥ 0
Diy: Easy Peasy Lip Balm

Easy Peasy Lip Balm

♥ 91
Crayon Lipstick

Kids crayon and god lips

♥ 10
Temperary Tattoos

Cute Tat

♥ 6
Super Simple Liquid Liner

Line your eyes using my simple and easy to follow steps

♥ 4
Home Made Eyeliner Pot

♥ 0
Diy Sigma Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove

How to clean your makeup brushes easier and faster! =)

♥ 3
Tinted Lip Balm

Vaseline, old lippy... et voila!

♥ 5
Make A Lip Palette

Customizable palette, colors, and flavors!

♥ 20
Homemade Lip Balm

how to make lip balm at home

♥ 5
Crayons Lipstick (Non Waxy)

I love orange!

♥ 63
Eyeshadow Primer/ Stick

Save the lives of the broken eyeshadows !

♥ 19
Rose Gold Eyes

Romantic rose gold makeup tutorial

♥ 17
Reuse Your Old Blushes And Powders

Got an empty blush, bronzer or powder package? Reuse it!

♥ 4

Uses things all DIYrs have around their house! SIMPLE! :D

♥ 4
Diy Lip Gloss

a fun project or gift for any special girl in you life.

♥ 6
Hand Made Sparkly Strawberry Lip Balm

Pink strawberry sparkly lipbalm with festive deer atop

♥ 25
How To Use Your Pigments As A Liquid!

A Makeup Honey Tutorial

♥ 13
Hot Chocolate Lip Scrub & Lip Gloss

Whip up some lip scrub/lip gloss that exfoliate and moisturize you lips at the same time, not to mention tasts and smell deliciouse!

♥ 5
De Pot Your Single Pressed Powders

The Makeup Honey Tricks

♥ 4
Decanting Perfume

Small Handbag/Pocket Size Perfume!

♥ 4
Abercrombie & Fitch Room Scent

♥ 1
Winged Out Cut Crease

Blue and white Makeup

♥ 6
My Tattoo

♥ 1
One Shade Smokey Eyes

How To: One Shade Smokey Eyes (Black)

♥ 6
How To: Custom Eyeshadow Palette

Weekend DIY

♥ 6
Diy Chapstick Christmas Gifts

Quick and useful small gifts!

♥ 5
Lime Crime Inspired Lipstick

Easy handmade pastel looking lipstick!

♥ 12
Cat Eyeliner

Simple way to create a cat eye.

♥ 18
Homemade Lip Balm

Use only a few ingredients to custom-make your own amazingly soft lip balm!

♥ 16
Deep Wound/Cut/Scratch

♥ 1
People Be Gone Makeup

♥ 6
Lipgloss Palette

♥ 1
Deco Eyelash Case

♥ 1
Paper Cut Eyelashes

Create some intricate paper eyelashes using the Cricut.

♥ 125
Purple Make Up Sponge Pot

♥ 1
Tattoo Stars With Sharpie

♥ 3
Diy Lip Scrub

Get soft lips with a DIY scrub.

♥ 22
Mason Jar Pin Cushion

♥ 2
Yummy Lip Scrub!

♥ 2
The Easiest Fake Blood Ever

fake, blood

♥ 3
Fairy Tail Tattoo

Become a Fairy Tail member!

♥ 8
How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes

An easy way to clean your make up brushes. <3

♥ 34
Buzzy Bee Balm

Yummy honey lip balm (but don't eat it! :P hehe)

♥ 22
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