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Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
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I fixed up some old shorts that I never wear anymore

I decided to fix up some old shorts that I bought and never really wore. I didn't have any potatoes in my house so I decided a carrot would be the best polka dot creating stamp anyways. I used some old fabric paint that I got from Opus a couple years ago.



Distressed Nightsky Shorts

Distressed Nightsky Shorts

Make your pair of shorts look extra lovely by painting a starry night upon them!

♥ 177
Galaxy Shorts

Galaxy Shorts

How to galaxy print your shorts :)

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Chevron Denim Shorts

Chevron Denim Shorts

Cheap and easy way to spruce up your shorts!

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Polka Dot Shorts

Polka Dot Shorts

Shorts that add a cute touch to an outfit.

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Bacon Shorts

Bacon Shorts

Spreading the bacon love across the nation!

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Flower Print Jeans

Flower Print Jeans

Want a pair of cute print jeans but can't justify spending big $$? Here's a super cheap solution!

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