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albuquerque nm, nm, United States
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cool chandelier made using cardboard

i love chandeliers and to decorate my room i thought i could make one using cardboard. i saw a sticker chandelier at target and thought hum i can make one .. so here is the result i looked on the internet for a pattern but couldn't find one so i used one that look like a chandelier and made some changes to it , i found a super hard cardboard and it was very hard cutting it so i recommend that you use just a normal cardboard box to make it im still in the process of decorating the chandelier so im not done, i hope you like this project.



You Will Need

Almost Nothing

  1. How to make a chandelier.  Cardboard Chandelier - Step 1 1

    choose the pattern you want to use and trace it twice on the cardboard using a marker. i just wanted two but you can make four if you want to to have more dimension.

  2. How to make a chandelier.  Cardboard Chandelier - Step 2 2

    cut out the shape using an xactoknife (is too hard using scissor )

  3. 3

    paint it whatever color you want :)

  4. 4

    cut one of the chandelier shapes halfway at the top and another one halfway at the bottom and make the cuts fit into each other or you can cut them completely in half and then glue them with a hot glue gun like i did.

  5. How to make a chandelier.  Cardboard Chandelier - Step 5 5

    paint again to hide the glue and decorate however you like it.

  6. 6

    hang it using thread or fishing wire.

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