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Nice 'n' Simple

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Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands
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Square small 2014 04 03 081252 knitten front
Embroidered with love

A card I made for friends of mine who had just gotten a daughter. Their announcement card had the same color scheme (pink/purple with green)

I have a book with patterns for cards like this which also explains the various stitches that are used.



Shirt Book Or Card

Shirt Book Or Card

Great Father's Day idea or card or book for a male's birthday

♥ 6
Break Up Card

Break Up Card

A cute card to say your sorry for your friends loss.

♥ 19
Valentine Cookie Friend

Valentine Cookie Friend

valentine cookie friend made of recyling plastic bags and other scraps to send

♥ 8
Personalised Messages

Personalised Messages

my life, my card

♥ 0
Pretty Parchment Card

Pretty Parchment Card

Simple Floral Card

♥ 5
Heart Card

Heart Card

Show someone some love!

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