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Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL
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Embroidered with love

A card I made for friends of mine who had just gotten a daughter. Their announcement card had the same color scheme (pink/purple with green)

I have a book with patterns for cards like this which also explains the various stitches that are used.


Heart Card

Heart Card

Show someone some love!

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Valentine Cookie Friend

Valentine Cookie Friend

valentine cookie friend made of recyling plastic bags and other scraps to send

♥ 8
Break Up Card

Break Up Card

A cute card to say your sorry for your friends loss.

♥ 19
3D Miniature Card

3D Miniature Card

Make a Cute Quilled 3D Birthday Card

♥ 7
Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Really simple

♥ 3
Album Cover Birthday Card

Album Cover Birthday Card

A birthday card designed like an album ^_^

♥ 5


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