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Pretty Easy

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Lititz, Lancaster County, United States
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Recycle those Capri Sun pouches into a stylish purse

Made a biggie and a baby purse.


Scarf Bag Diy

Scarf Bag Diy

Make a scarf bag

♥ 65
Pop Tab Purse

Pop Tab Purse

A purse of tab!

♥ 6
Crisp Packet Bag!

Crisp Packet Bag!

I made this a while ago, just cause I didnt want to have to throw away the packets from all the crisps I eat!

♥ 30
Capri Sun Bag

Capri Sun Bag

Capri Sun Bag

♥ 302
Paris Map Purse

Paris Map Purse

Navigate the city in style.

♥ 104
Pop Tab Purse  Hemp

Pop Tab Purse Hemp

Insert Short snappy description here...

♥ 16



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