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Honolulu, HI, United States
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Nifty canvas tote decorated with iron-on patches and velcro closure

I love canvas totes because they make great reusable shopping bags. Here's a tote bag that you can fold up, secure with velcro and keep in your purse.

*I don't know how to use a sewing machine but I acquired one recently. Once I get better at it, I will work on some projects that involve more use of the sewing machine.



  1. How to make a tote bag. Canvas Tote With Iron On Patches - Step 1 1

    Fold the bag in thirds. Iron at each crease.

  2. How to make a tote bag. Canvas Tote With Iron On Patches - Step 2 2

    Sew the velcro to one end of the fabric strip.

    Tuck the handles into the bag. Refold the bag into thirds.

    Fold the fabric lengthwise into thirds and pin. Sew it together. Sew the velcro to one end of the strip to one side of the bag.

    Sew the opposite side of the velcro to the other side of the bag.

  3. 3

    Iron the patch(es)wherever you want. Make sure you don't put any where it will crease or it will wear off.

    *Optional: Decorate more with fabric paint, ribbons, buttons, jewels, etc. Spray with Scotch Guard. I added another iron-on patch to the fabric strip but glued it on with Tacky Glue cos I wasn't sure about trying to sew through velcro.

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