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About this project

Cool custom drawstring backpacks for him AND her

I made the one with a sun for my son, and the one with the skull for my daughter for Christmas.

On the skull backpack, I used silver glitter fabric paint to make silver dots at intervals around the pack.

For the straps, because I didn't have anything around the house useful for that purpose, I single stitch crocheted the shoulder straps and sewed them INTO the backpack seams. I also single stitch crocheted the draw string, changing to double stitch where the two strings met when stretched out to ensure the draw string didn't get lost or partially stuck inside the seam.



Nyan Cat Backpack

Nyan Cat Backpack

As the title says...

♥ 6
Creepy Coffin Purse

Creepy Coffin Purse

The ultimate vampire purse. Have coffin, will travel.

♥ 54
Punk/Rock Denim Bag

Punk/Rock Denim Bag

Made of 3 jeans and use it for school!

♥ 20
Diy Drawstring Backpack From A Tee!

Diy Drawstring Backpack From A Tee!

Sorry Mum, but I think this tee should be a bag

♥ 137
Hoodie Bag/Backpack

Hoodie Bag/Backpack

hoodie bag/backpack

♥ 17
Emoji Patches Diy

Emoji Patches Diy

Emoji Patches for Back to School

♥ 2



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