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Square small pencil necklace
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A mini camera on a string.

My friend and I really enjoy taking pictures and I thought this would be a great way to make a "friendship" necklace type of thing that we would both like. I put a picture of me on her's and a picture of her on mine. I hope you enjoy :D



  1. How to make a camera pendant. Camera Necklace - Step 1 1

    First you'll need to cut the foam out to the size you want you finished camera to be. I actually used an old stamp that I had and i took off the stamp part so it would just be a foam block.

  2. How to make a camera pendant. Camera Necklace - Step 2 2

    Cut out pieces the sizes off all our sides out of your white or silver paper. Glue on all the sides with white glue.

  3. How to make a camera pendant. Camera Necklace - Step 3 3

    Cut out a small circle from the double sided foam. This is going to your camera lens, cut out a white piece of paper the same size. Also cut out a smaller black circle for the shutter.

  4. How to make a camera pendant. Camera Necklace - Step 4 4

    Stick your camera lens onto the middle-ish of your camera. Glue on your black shutter with paper glue.

  5. How to make a camera pendant. Camera Necklace - Step 5 5

    Cut out pieces of black paper into rectangles to go on either side of the shutter. cut one end of the rectangle into a half circle, do this to each black rectangle. and then glue them on with which ever glue. I used paper glue.

  6. How to make a camera pendant. Camera Necklace - Step 6 6

    Now to work on the back. If you want to put a picture of yourself or someone or something this is where it would go. i put a picture of myself because i made two and gave then one of myself to my bestfriend and the other with a picture of her i kept.

    cut out a small black square, this would be where you view the photos you took on a real camera. Glue it to one side of the back of the camera. Also if you want to add a frame or something to the back feel free. I put a little silver half frame underneath the black square. Put your picture on top of the black square.

  7. 7

    Cut out a small long black rectangle to put next to the camera screen on the back. This would be you menu and setting stuff on your real camera. I used white fabric paint to draw arrows and a smiley face. make sure this is glued on too.

  8. How to make a camera pendant. Camera Necklace - Step 8 8

    Now to add the picture button and the flash. Use a little square of double sided stick foam for the button on top of the camera, put it to one side then put a little piece of the same size of colored paper on top of that. do the same for the flash except in a different color and on the front of the camera. also for a finishing touch you can put a white out line on the camera shutter.

  9. 9

    To put the chain on you have to push a needle though the corner of the camera. then push the opened little metal ring though the whole that the needle made. close the metal ring once you get it though. Then take your chain and put it though the metal ring. And with that you are done!

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