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Ithaca, NY, United States
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for the coffee-loving science nerd in all of us.

made this as a Christmas present for my roommate! adapted from many sources on the internet, to work with stuff I already had on hand, left over from other projects.

<a href="">Felt idea</a>.
<a href="">Pattern</a>.
<a href="">Embroidery Pattern</a>.



  1. 1

    Download a pattern for the fabric part of the cozy.

    Or, grab one of those cardboard sleeves at Starbucks (or your favourite coffee shop), and pull it apart for a pattern! :)

  2. 2

    Cut out 2 pieces of felt in the same shape as the pattern. I used two different colors of felt, dark and light brown.

  3. How to make a mug warmer. Caffeine Coffee Cozy - Step 3 3

    Decorate the piece of felt you want to put in the "front" in any way you want! I chose to embroider on the molecular formula for caffeine! (My roommie is a coffee-fiend.)

  4. How to make a mug warmer. Caffeine Coffee Cozy - Step 4 4

    lay down the "back" side of your cozy, and put strips of heat'n'bond iron-on adhesive (pictured) around all the edges.

    Carefully put your "front" piece on top, making sure to line up the edges.

    Iron together, following instructions on the package.

  5. 5

    If you want, you can sew around the edges to make it look like it was actually hand-sewn! :)

  6. How to make a mug warmer. Caffeine Coffee Cozy - Step 6 6

    After fabric cools, use a hot glue gun to attach Velcro to either side of the fabric, as a closure. The benefit of using Velcro over more Heat'n'Bond is that it is (semi) adjustable! :)

  7. How to make a mug warmer. Caffeine Coffee Cozy - Step 7 7

    Velcro together and enjoy your coffee (or other warm drink of choice)! mmm!

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