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Holmfirth GB 92 projects

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Amigurumi Morningstar

Morning Star, Morningstar - whatever, CUDDLY WEAPON!

♥ 27
Om Nom Crochet Pattern

From the game 'Cut the Rope'

♥ 10
Quick And Simple Mug Cosy

Two versions.

♥ 10
Blue Cat

Because everyone needs a colourful kitty in their life!

♥ 4
Jelly Tot Sprite

A creepydorable huggable critter.

♥ 7
Red Castle Crashers Knight

Fight with cuteness!

♥ 2
Jellyfish Crochet Pattern

Under da sea! Under da sea!

♥ 7
Lucky Tiny Kitty

Only 3cm long!

♥ 6
Despicable Me Minion

Free pattern for your own minion! Just in time for the sequel...

♥ 7
Basic Amigurumi Human Base

Just the basics for you to edit as you please!

♥ 16
Easy Slouchy Beanie

♥ 15
Joker Bat Keyring

Do you know how I got these stitches...?

♥ 4
Harley Quinn Bat Keyring

Loves Joker Bat like crazy, so you better make them both!

♥ 10
Bane Bat Keyring

You have my permission to crochet!

♥ 5
Robin The Bat Wonder

Because Batman Bat needs his sidekick...

♥ 9
Batman Bat Keyring

This didn't take a huge leap of imagination...

♥ 24
Tooth Fairy Amigurumi

A little charm for anyone loosing teeth or gaining braces!

♥ 5
Ravenclaw Tshirt

Show your house spirit!

♥ 30
Harry Potter Nails

No transfers required

♥ 15
Fat Gnome Amigurumi

Om Gnome Gnome!

♥ 8
Stripy Cat Amigurumi

Based on my Mum's kitty - can be made plain too!

♥ 13
Big Daddy Apron

How to make a basic man apron for your own design.

♥ 4
Brony Spray Paint Vest

Friendship is SPRAY PAINT!!!

♥ 6
Shakespeare Plushy

With free pattern download

♥ 7
Display Boards

♥ 1
Crochet Skull Corset

♥ 22
Quick And Easy Summer Dress

Just six seams and some hemming.

♥ 70
Two Minute Bikini Top

The fastest, simplest bikini top ever!

♥ 82
Very Simple T Shirt Quilt

Slightly cheating!

♥ 29
Natty Notebook Cover

Add the personal touch to your diary or notepad

♥ 7
Cheshire Cat Handbag

♥ 0
Mad Hatter Dress

♥ 1
Turn A Non Zip Hoody Into A Zipped Hoody

Never get your head stuck again!

♥ 14
Quick And Easy T Shirt Bag

A useful bag in four easy steps

♥ 18
Bleach Print T Shirt + Tips

Tips they don't tell you...

♥ 12
Crochet Eeyore Car Aerial Topper

To stop me losing my car at the supermarket!

♥ 4
Fluttershy Scarf

Makes you quietly shout 'yay!'

♥ 13
Nutella Cookies

♥ 0
Gryffindor Quilt

♥ 15
Cute Lil' Voo Doo Doll

So cute you'll want to stab him through the heart

♥ 4
Make Your Own Eyes For Toys

Get a slick look for cheap

♥ 20
Love Dude

♥ 1
Amigurumi Chuthlu

♥ 2
Mlp:Fim Keyring

♥ 3
Crayola Crayon Fancy Dress

Get arty

♥ 8
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