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Edinburgh GB 464 projects

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Cat Morley's Projects

Crafterella Apron

February's outfit for Project Paperdoll with Fabric On Demand

♥ 7
Crafterella Top

February's outfit for Project Paperdoll with Fabric On Demand

♥ 6
Comic Strip Skirt

February's outfit for Project Paperdoll with Fabric On Demand

♥ 8
Quorn Chilli With Tortilla Chips

A super easy, yummy and filling chilli!

♥ 3
Mushroom & Slaw Burgers

North Carolina inspired mushroom burgers!

♥ 0
Pesto, Sweet Potato & Macadamia Nut Pizza

Nothing beats sweet potato and nuts on a pizza!

♥ 3
Tuna Edamame Burgers

A hearty tuna steak burger with edamame and Japanese seasonings!

♥ 3
Animal Ear Dress

January's dress for Project Paperdoll with Fabric On Demand

♥ 68
Heart Puff Pies

Heart shaped puff pies with sweet potato, Quorn sausage, red onion, goats cheese and rosemary!

♥ 10
Vegetarian Sausage & Goats Cheese Quiche

Boy and animal friendly quiche!

♥ 0
CO+K Scissors Tree Topper

Make a crafty tree-topper!

♥ 10
La Carmina Eye Patch

Make your own bejewelled light-up eyepatch!

♥ 14
How To Draw Crafterella

A step-by-step guide on how-to draw your own version of Cut Out + Keep's crafty superhero Crafterella!

♥ 3
Princess Superstar Knuckle Rings

Rock a customized set of knuckle rings!

♥ 4
Coral Bronze Eyes

Match coral eyes with dramatic lips!

♥ 6
Halloumi & BBQ Portobello Burgers

A tasty squeaky burger that vegetarians will love!

♥ 9
Twinkie Chan Paper Doll Necklace

Play dress up with your own personalized paper doll necklace!

♥ 56
Salmon Burgers

Cook up a batch of tasty mustard & dill salmon burgers!

♥ 7
Falafel Wraps

Leon inspired sweet potato falafels wrapped in tortilla bread!

♥ 6
Meerkat Brooch

Stitch an adorable meerkat brooch!

♥ 3
Harley Quinn Onesie

Stitch your own supervillain pyjamas!

♥ 104
Motivation Magnets

Get organized and inspired with motivation magnets!

♥ 30
Bow Clutch

Stitch and punch a gorgeous bow clutch!

♥ 33
Chalkboard Bunting

Rewritable bunting for every occasion!

♥ 13
Lebkuchen Cookies

Delicious German cookies that are perfect for Christmas!

♥ 15
Gala Darling Mouse Ears

Make a hot pink beaded mouse ear headband with a super glitzy bow!

♥ 51
Bear Coin Purse

Keep your pennies in one place with a cute handmade zipper pouch!

♥ 10
Chicken Egg Cosies

Keep your eggs warm with cute cosy chickens!

♥ 7
Pecan & Cashew Tuiles

A tasty and easy little snack that will impress your guests!

♥ 5
Turkish Delight Macaroons

Rose flavoured macaroons which will tempt you back to Narnia!

♥ 6
Necomimi Ears

DIY ears for my Brainwave Cat Ears!

♥ 10
Transparent Polaroids

A simple guide for turning your Polaroid photos in to transparent image.

♥ 15
Flaming Christmas Pudding Pops

Mini Christmas puddings on sticks!

♥ 2
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzels

A super simple but super addictive snack!

♥ 5
Bauble Wreath

Turn your leftover baubles in to a sparkly wreath!

♥ 11
Photostrip Cushion

Turn your favourite photos in to an awesome cushion!

♥ 123
Neck Tie Wreath

Decorate your door with a vintage neck-tie wreath!

♥ 23
Push Button Light

Turn a cheap push-light in to an awesome light-up sign!

♥ 15
Hairband Holders

Put your animal ears on display with easy DIY holders!

♥ 17
Sweet Potato Burgers

Who says vegetarians can't have all the fun? The sweet potato burgers are delicious and heartwarming!

♥ 17
Scissors Sweater Clips

Brighten up your outfit with a crafty & geeky accessory!

♥ 25
Salted Caramel Macarons

The foolproof recipe for the perfect macarons!

♥ 43
Sugar Skull Necklace

Make a colourful skull necklace for Day Of The Dead!

♥ 12
Bat Sweater Clips

Crafter To The Stars: Rock a pair of DIY sweater clips like Davina from The Mars Patrol!

♥ 46
Cinnamon, Nut & Raisin Bagels

The perfect winter snack!

♥ 3
Sweetheart Headband

Make a super glittery heart headband!

♥ 23
Midnight Blue Eyes

Create a subtle shimmery blue & black eye!

♥ 5
Magnetic Eyeshadow Display

See all your eyeshadows and snap on and off the right shade in seconds!

♥ 43
Chalkboard Headboard

Draw your bed's headboard to suit your mood!

♥ 10
Brooch Display Frame

Make a super simple display for your brooches!

♥ 16
Crystal Heart Necklace

Get ready to sparkle with a bejewelled crystal clay heart necklace!

♥ 15
Bear Cake Pops

Chocolate bears on sticks which are almost too cute to eat.

♥ 10
Animated GIF Nyan Cat Necklace

The "world's first animated GIF" lenticular necklace with audio for Lauren Out Loud!

♥ 89
Branch Jewellery Frame

Display your jewellery in style with a frame and branches.

♥ 39
Cinema Chalkboard Necklace

Make a cute little cinema-themed chalkboard necklace!

♥ 24
Audrey Kitching Cat Fascinator

Crafter To The Stars: Audrey Kitching. Sew the purrfect sequinned cat fascinator!

♥ 109
Lavender & Lemon Cake

Lemon and poppy seed sponge cake topped with lavender white chocolate.

♥ 16
Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake

A chocolate sponge cake topped with dark chocolate and marmalade.

♥ 7
Magazine Wallet

Sew a unique wallet out of magazine pages.

♥ 45
Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza with homemade mozzarella, meat-free sausages, onions, olives and herbs.

♥ 3
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