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Fayetteville, North Carolina 20 projects

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GryffindorGrl's Projects

Plague Doctor Mask

♥ 2
~*~Diy Drawstring/Sewing Tool~*~

Make turning sewing projects easier with this simple DIY tool with many uses!

♥ 5
Cute Fleece Hedgehog Toy

♥ 1
Quick And Easy Steering Wheel Cover

♥ 11
Gumdrop And Candy Sewing Pins

♥ 2
Heart Braided Tail Dog Plush Toy

for the furbaby/furbabies in your life. :)

♥ 1
Cute Resin Pendants

♥ 4
Simple Gothic Bat Earrings

cute, batty and goth or halloween earrings.

♥ 15
Vampire Dog Photoshop

♥ 1
Cool Collar For Your Doggy :)

keep your dog cool and safe this summer!

♥ 6
Awesome Clay Dalek

♥ 2
Cute Tardis Clay Earrings

♥ 9
Kawaii Punk Mallow

♥ 2
Deployment Rings

A cute way to countdown the days until your soul is complete again.

♥ 1
Super Cute Panda Sleep Mask

When the sun shines too brightly for you to go nighty, use this panda mask to nap!

♥ 60
Cacta Cushion

♥ 4