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Glasgow GB 9 projects

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AncestralCurse's Projects

Smoked Out

♥ 14
Queen Akasha

♥ 1
Ouija Board Necklace

♥ 15

♥ 2
Spine Cut Vest   No Sew

no-sew spine cut style vest

♥ 26
Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Charm/Pendant

small Tim Burton themed charm made from Fimo clay

♥ 37
Hunger Games Inspired Archery Pendant

Hunger Games inspired Archery pendant

♥ 8
Dark Light   Him  Inspired Makeup Look

Eye make-up inspired by the album artwork from Dark Light by HIM

♥ 17
The Hunger Games   Mocking Jay

pendant hunger games mockingjay bird black pin necklace

♥ 25