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San Jose, CA, CA, United States
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Worsted weight yarn,
(Here I'm using Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Laurel for mc, Grass for cc)
Size G hook, or necessary hook to achieve gauge of 4.5 to 5 sts=1 inch
Tapestry needle for weaving ends
Crochet Embellishments (optional)



  1. Step 1 1

    Body of Headband:
    ch 5,skip 1 and sc 3 into the back of the chain
    ch 1, sc 3, catching the last loop on the row below into the final sc (continue this at the end of each row), 4 rows
    ch 1,sc inc 1 into next 2 sts, sc 1
    ch 1, sc 5, 2 rows
    ch 1, sc 1, sc inc 1, sc 3
    ch 1, sc 6, 2 rows
    ch 1, sc inc 1, sc 3, sc inc 1, sc 1
    ch 1, sc 8, 2 rows
    ch 2, dc 8, 3 rows
    ch 2, dc inc 1, dc 5, dc inc 1, dc 1
    ch 2, dc 10, 20 rows
    ch 2, dc2tog, dc 5,dc2tog, dc 1
    ch 2, dc 8, 3 rows
    ch 1, sc 8, 2 rows
    ch 1, sc2tog, sc 3, sc2tog, sc 1
    ch 1, sc 1, sc2tog, ch 3
    ch 1, sc 5, 2 rows
    ch 1, sc2tog into next 2 sts, sc 1

  2. Step 2 2

    Button Hole:
    ch 1, sc1, turn, 6 rows, pulling final loop big so to not drop stitches while working on other side
    Using other end of the skein of yarn and starting on the outside edge, attach to row below by pulling up a loop, leaving enough tail end to weave in later
    ch 1, sc 1, turn, 6 rows, cut tail long enough to weave in and then pull through the final loop
    Pick up original loop
    Ch 1, sc 3, 4 rows
    Cut tail long enough to weave in and pull up through free loop, pulling tight.
    Using one of the lower tails of yarn, weave to the inside edge of the button hole and up the inside edge to the center. Stitch one side at the center to the other inside edge of the button hole, turning one long hole into 2 button holes.

    Contrast edge:
    Pick up cc and sc all the way around the edge, sc inc 2 into each corner.
    ss into first st, then cut tail and weave in ends

    Match up ends to fit head, then sew on two buttons to tab end for closure.

    Sew on crochet or fabric embellishments in a complimentary color scheme if desired.

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