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, Connecticut, United States
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All babies spit up - so give the moms something unique to wipe up the baby puke

I have 2 kids and the 1st one spit up ALL the time. I got so sick of plain white cloths or the ones everyone else had. Since I had to have one with me at all times I decided to jazz them up.

These are simple, cheap and very cost effective.

They make great gifts because you know they'll get used and you can match them to the mother's individual personality and taste.



Baby Burp Cloths

Baby Burp Cloths

An easy sewing project that makes a great handmade gift - chenille backed baby burp cloths

♥ 8
Bee Comforter

Bee Comforter

A friend with no sting!

♥ 3
Contoured Burp Clothes

Contoured Burp Clothes

Easy, stylish burp clothes to make for yourself or friends!

♥ 1
Hooded Baby Towels And Matching Burp Cloths

Hooded Baby Towels And Matching Burp Cloths

Baby shower presents for my sister.

♥ 2
Vintage Burp Cloths

Vintage Burp Cloths

I’m sure Jackson will be more then happy to throw up on them!

♥ 11
Baby Burp Cloths

Baby Burp Cloths

quick and sweet quilted gift for new moms

♥ 105



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