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Chandler, Arizona, US
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sculpted bunny

I saw a few drawings of a bunny with a sythe and I thought it was really cute. I found a small lump of clay and thought I'd practice sculpting by creating my own, and since I like how it turned out I thought I'd keep it.



Owl Charms

Owl Charms

My first proper attempt in fimo clay, owls everyone is fond of owls

♥ 41
Polymer Clay Simple Bear

Polymer Clay Simple Bear

Make a polymer clay bear.

♥ 69
Mini Zoo

Mini Zoo

mini zoos are fun.

♥ 9
Polymer Clay Bunnies

Polymer Clay Bunnies

Make a cute bunny figurine for your friends or for your terrarium.

♥ 42
Clay Bird And Dino Dragon

Clay Bird And Dino Dragon

A unique and creative creation~

♥ 1
Polymer Clay Mini Ferret

Polymer Clay Mini Ferret

A miniature figure of my pet ferret, Pinky.

♥ 10



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