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Halloween 2010

Very hard to find a wig for this costume, the only ones I could find were expensive and horrible. So I made my own in the end by buying a wig and fixing it to hold up, then gluing the white strands of hair in place. I cut up a bed sheet and sew it to make the dress she wears. Rolled on bandages with crape paper and put on make up. Not sure how long it took to make but the glue does takes up time drying.


Princess Peach Dress

Princess Peach Dress

A Lolitta version of a much loved character

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Daenerys Targaryen Qarth Costume

Daenerys Targaryen Qarth Costume

I created my own version of the Game of Thrones costume worn by Daenerys in Qarth in Season 2.

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Babydoll    Sucker Punch

Babydoll Sucker Punch

Second version! Everything made by me, I might turn this into a How-To someday!

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Simple Straight Jacket

Simple Straight Jacket

Delightfully Insane Straight Jacket!

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Olaf Disney Bounding Outfit

Olaf Disney Bounding Outfit

I like warm hugs!

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Steampunk Windup Key

Steampunk Windup Key

Stempunk Doll

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