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Nice & Simple

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Medford, OR, OR, United States
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A Twilight Inspired shirt

A shirt I made from the book cover of Breaking Dawn




  1. 1

    Pre-wash Tshirt

  2. Step 1 2

    Print out Chess Board/Queen stencil on Cardstock.

  3. Step 2 3

    Print out Pawn stencil on cardstock

  4. Step 3 4

    Print out Breaking Dawn text

  5. 5

    Cut out the black part of the stencils, with an exact-o knife.

  6. 6

    Place a piece of Cardboard inside the t-shirt.

  7. 7

    Spray the back of the Chessboard/Queen stencil with Spray adhesive, and then stick it on the Tshirt, making sure that the edges of the stencil are flat on the shirt.

    Be careful not to spray too much adhesive, or else it will leave a nasty residue on the fabric.

  8. 8

    Mix One part Textile Medium with Two parts White Acrylic paint.

  9. 9

    Using a small-medium sized paint brush apply the white paint.

    For a faded look to add dimension apply the paint in a thiner layer as you get to the smaller squares.

  10. Step 9 10

    Let sit for a few minutes and then carefully remove the cardstock. Let dry completely.

  11. 11

    Apply Spray adhesive to the other stencil, and carefully position it over the dry paint.

  12. 12

    Mix one part textile medium and two parts red acrylic paint, and then carefully paint the pawn.

  13. Step 12 13

    Let dry completely. If needed go back with a small brush and fill in any spots, smooth out any edges.

  14. Step 13 14

    Repeat, applying adhesive to back of stencil, apply to shirt, and paint.

  15. Step 14 15

    After dried, follow the instructions on the textile medium bottle. Generally turn inside out and iron, let dry for 7 days before washing.

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