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Manila, NCR, Philippines
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pretty easy! and yes, show them off! :3

Nice idea from Kristen K.! :3 I have tons of bracelets too and I used to put them on fancy boxes. Glad there's project like this, now my bracelets can be displayed in my room at the same time minimizes space for the boxes. On my version, I chose my fave colors from the magazine pages so I don't have to wrap it out. Love love! :3



Hook Out Of Old Coat Hanger Hook

Hook Out Of Old Coat Hanger Hook

Raw recycled hooks

♥ 4
Funky Bangle Stand

Funky Bangle Stand

bangle stand out of toilet tissue paper roll or u can make it out of kitchen tissue paper roll it will be much easier...

♥ 11
Bracelet Holder

Bracelet Holder

have tons of bracelets like me? well you need this bracelet holder

♥ 32
Diy Bracelet Holder   Vintage Styled Bracelet Display Stand

Diy Bracelet Holder Vintage Styled Bracelet Display Stand

This DIY bracelet holder project will teach you a quick way to make an ornate bracelet display stand; you can’t miss such kind of vintage styled fashion.

♥ 10
Bracelet Holder

Bracelet Holder

easy and cute storage

♥ 83
Bracelet Holder

Bracelet Holder

(: a nice holder to store bracelets

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