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Version This project is a version of Bottle Cap Stampers by Cat Morley


Nice & Simple

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London, Islington, United Kingdom
Small textiles art and cut out
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Based on Bottle Cap Stampers by Cat Morley

I loved this project so I made one--The last picture is my Decopage mirror that I stamped to make my stamp!
Also if you wanted to make one that is a bit bigger than a water bottle lid use a milk bottle cap they are alot bigger :]
May i also say I think my photography was good ;]

Mini Stampers

Mini Stampers

Mini stamps, maxi fun!

♥ 4
Name Stamp Out Of Eraser

Name Stamp Out Of Eraser

Stamp It!

♥ 10
Stamp Fimo Pendant

Stamp Fimo Pendant

Cute fimo necklaces

♥ 4
Distelfink Carved Stamp

Distelfink Carved Stamp

handcarved stamp

♥ 15
Foam Stamp

Foam Stamp

Tropical foam stamps

♥ 41
A Stamp Of Potatoe

A Stamp Of Potatoe

Make a stamp from potato to decorate your clothes, cards or whatever you want.

♥ 9



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