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Pretty Easy

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, Kansas, United States
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Tired of losing your kitties in the dark? Make them jingle!

I collect bottle caps to use in collages, today I did something different...This kitty is COCO so Coco-Cola seemed like the drink for him ;)

It was very quick and easy. All you need is a bottle cap, hammer, nail, and 2 metal hoops.



  1. 1

    *Hammer the bottle cap until all the rough edges are flat
    *Hammer nail THROUGH bottle cap until you get the hole you need
    *Fix ring through hoop and add a second one to the pet collar.
    *Tada~! You are done! Now let your kitty hear the jingle it makes

    Surprisingly my kitties like the noise, if only one of them has the charm on, the other one chases the jingling noise!

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