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Version This project is a version of Boombox Monster Plushie by LilyFantastico!


Nice & Simple

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Chattanogga , Tennessee, United States
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Based on Boombox Monster Plushie by LilyFantastico!

This is my version of these, however mine are "plushies" I didnt have enought felt for that, or a sewing machine so I thought Id make a small version and turn it into a magnet :)



Hello Kitty Magnets

Hello Kitty Magnets

Recycled hello kitty cuteness

♥ 45
Gum Magnets

Gum Magnets

Magnets that look like gum.

♥ 29
Mustache Magnets! :{D

Mustache Magnets! :{D

Magnetic mustaches!

♥ 22
Junk Mail Magnets

Junk Mail Magnets

Let's take those ugly Junk mail magnets and spruce 'em up to make your fridge look fabulous!

♥ 43
Party Animal Magnets

Party Animal Magnets

Just in case you're on a quest to banish dull magnets, look no further

♥ 34
Letter Bottle Cap Magnets

Letter Bottle Cap Magnets

Spell Your Name with Bottle Caps!

♥ 31



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