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Version This project is a version of Book Hedgehog by Kelly S.

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Based on Book Hedgehog by Kelly S.

A book hedgehog, my version!
I put my make-up brushes in it :D


Book Decorative Item

Book Decorative Item

A simple yet beautiful ornament made from an old book!

♥ 24
Fairytale Book Art

Fairytale Book Art

fairytale themed book art

♥ 96
Narnia Tunnel Book

Narnia Tunnel Book

"The White Witch?" said Edmund; "who's she?"

♥ 10
Book Mobile

Book Mobile

Goodbye boring old book, hello cool new decor!

♥ 88
Happy Gram Book

Happy Gram Book

My first ever Happy Gram to be sent all the way to Australia!

♥ 0
Paper Tree!

Paper Tree!

A tree for any occasion...or just for the sake of having a tree!!

♥ 26



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