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Based on Book Hedgehog by Kelly S.

A book hedgehog, my version!
I put my make-up brushes in it :D

Fall Book Pumpkin

Fall Book Pumpkin

Have an old book lying around? Make it into a decorative fall pumpkin!

♥ 1
Book Hedgehog

Book Hedgehog

Cute little hedgehog :) Made from an old book.

♥ 51
Snow City In The Light   Book Creation

Snow City In The Light Book Creation

To give old books a 2nd life and chance

♥ 25
Book Decorative Item

Book Decorative Item

A simple yet beautiful ornament made from an old book!

♥ 25
Hearty Heart Old Book

Hearty Heart Old Book

old book heart.

♥ 4
Fan Out Book.

Fan Out Book.

fun easy and cheap!

♥ 1


Kelly S.
Kelly S. · Maastricht, Limburg, NL · 8 projects
Cool idea to put your brushes in there! I've been thinking what I should put in it, now that I'm getting bored with the cards.
Nice one Happy

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