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Easy Peasy Hair Ties For Little Girls
Personalize Treasure Boxes For Your Little Pirate
Easy Re Upholster Dining Chairs With Class
Teddy Scares (Aka Scare Bear)  Jar Candle
Bleach Jar Candle- Illumination with your favorite anime!

I made this for my son for Christmas.

The time involved was for cutting out the picture to place on the candle jar as well as the drying time between coats of mod podge.

I picked up the plain jar candle at the Dollar store, and the mod podge at Walmart for $ 7.


Art Deco Lamp

Art Deco Lamp

my selfmade-designed art deco lamp

♥ 22
Candy Corn Luminaria

Candy Corn Luminaria

Make fun candy corn luminarias for fall and Halloween!

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Tetris Lamp

Tetris Lamp

Tetris Lamp

♥ 756
Cd Spindle Night Light

Cd Spindle Night Light

CD Spindle Night Light

♥ 158
Moon Light Diy

Moon Light Diy

Learn how to make your own out of this world moon light!

♥ 38
Illuminated Copper Globe

Illuminated Copper Globe

Add a little mid century style glam to your home with this illuminated copper globe

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