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Metro Detroit, MI, United States
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crushed black magic

Yet another creation that I made three weeks ago, but I just now took the time to take a photo shoot. -.-;

I actually wore this to the Renaissance Faire two weekends ago. I was going to make some ribbons ties at the sides (because I think it made me look fat), but I prefer to wear this with a corset or bustier. :)



Neku Sakuraba Shirt For Cosplay

Neku Sakuraba Shirt For Cosplay

Neku Sakuraba, The World Ends With You

♥ 9
Easy To Sew Top

Easy To Sew Top

This top is pretty much a simple as sewing gets!

♥ 7
Lolita Cutsew

Lolita Cutsew

make a recycled lolita cutsew which can be worn many different ways ^^

♥ 114
Yoke Top

Yoke Top

With Back Neck Opening

♥ 4
Pajama Top Transformation

Pajama Top Transformation


♥ 0
The Portrait Blouse

The Portrait Blouse

Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing

♥ 28



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