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Based on Bird Nest Mess Wire Wrapped Marble by Joybells

Here is another bird nest mess wire wrapped marble pendant. I used gold-toned wire over a clear fried (fractured) marble. After completing the wire cage per my earlier instructions, I took a few inches of wire and made a loop over a dowel. I actually did 3 loops over the dowel. The two ends of the wire were criss-crossed beneath the loop similar to how one would write a cursive lower case letter "L". I worked the wire ends into the top portion of the cage and wrapped them partially around the loop and make small loops on the ends.


Wispy Pebbles Necklace

Wispy Pebbles Necklace

The playful Wispy Pebbles necklace will add a touch of fun and frivolity to your outfit. With its playful combination of pebbles and wispy beading wire, it has really good balance and a light and airy feel.

♥ 4
Wire & Pearl Necklace

Wire & Pearl Necklace

Brighten up an otherwise gloomy January

♥ 81
Diy Personalized Letter Necklace With Wire

Diy Personalized Letter Necklace With Wire

DIY Personalized Letter Necklace with Wire

♥ 1
Woven Bow Charm

Woven Bow Charm

Attach the bows EVERYWHERE!

♥ 54
Wire Celtic/Elven Necklace

Wire Celtic/Elven Necklace

Green wire necklace

♥ 130
Ever Decreasing Circles Necklace

Ever Decreasing Circles Necklace

Try this simple but effective technique of looping and crimping plastic coated wire to create a statement piece of jewellery.

♥ 90


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