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Pretty Tough

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Almost Nothing

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Wamego, Kansas, United States
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When the internet meets IRL.

I made these out of paper mache and love and frustration and blood and tears. They took FOREVER to make but they got done, and they got around. I gave the brown one to Kandi who gave it to Hailey (in the picture with the ninja), who gave it back to me at a different con, and I gave it to my friend Choco Taco. I sold the red one to my friend Grom (the one on the bed) and he's still got it.



Athena's Shield

Athena's Shield

Make a shield that barely costs you anything and looks so much more authentic than anything bought in a store:)

♥ 55
Gold/Black Mandalorain Armor

Gold/Black Mandalorain Armor

This is a WIP. Keep watching for more updates

♥ 8
Soul Eater Weapon Form

Soul Eater Weapon Form

Soul Eater Weapon

♥ 10
Hand Made Athame Cerimonial Knife

Hand Made Athame Cerimonial Knife

This can be danberous to make. Wear eye protection and gloves!!!!!

♥ 10
Vincent Valentine's Claw   Do C Style

Vincent Valentine's Claw Do C Style

New Cloak + Revamped Claw = Awesomenss

♥ 31
Dr. Mario Pill Prop

Dr. Mario Pill Prop

A doctor isn't a doctor without his pills.

♥ 6



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