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Version This project is a version of Beautiful Bath Oil by Raashi


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Tacoma, Washington, US
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Based on Beautiful Bath Oil by Raashi

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the food coloring to mix with the baby (mineral) oil.

I used glass bottles- I found a trio at our local Goodwill store for $ 0.99 each. I bought the baby (mineral) oil at our Dollar Store. The heart & skull embellishments I found at our local Michael's Craft Store, and the ribbon I picked up at Walmart for $ 0.47 a spool.

I hot glued the embellishments onto the bottle, adding additional once I had the piece placed. I used an exacter knife to cut around the edge of the piece to remove unwanted glue around the item. For the ribbon, I used 2 strands of a smaller ribbon (half the width of the primary ribbon), along with a different but complimentary colored ribbon about twice the width and tied a bow.

My finished product- 1 Girly Skull bottle, and 2 Gothic Heart bottles. I have the Girly Skull in the center as the "center piece), with a heart on each side. They now decorate the back of our ugly toilet. LOL



Beautiful Bath Oil

Beautiful Bath Oil

who doesn't love pretty colorful jars in their bathrooms ! :D

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