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Panhandle, Texas, US
Square small glow bead bracelet and earrings set by squeaker ed d4koifp
Square small earrings 3
Square small photo on 2011 10 09 at 23.05 1318219663
Square small photo on 2010 12 22 at 22.03 1304694017
For when you creativity just goes way too far.

(It says it's a how-to, but I kinda dropped working on this project for a while so I've no idea how to make it not a how-to. /dkadhf derp/)

So this is something else I've made with too much time on my hands. Yeah. That tends to be a problem to me.

BUT YEAH, I made this some time after Christmas one year, and yeah, it's evolved from 4 rows of beads to a monsterous 12 rows.



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    For a simple two-row bracelet: Start out with two beads on your string, then add a third to where it sits right next to the second bead. Thread your thread through the first bead and pull to where the beads are pulled together.

    Continue doing this with the rest of your beads until you make the bracelet long enough to go around your wrist. And you're done!

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