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Square small pikachu  watercolors 1311038660
Square small batman prom dress 1305428953
Prom, with a kick! (Wham, Pow, Kabluey!)

I made my own Prom Dress this year. I decided I would go an alternative route when making my dress, so I wouldn't be wearing an average looking dress. I decided to make mine out of Batman bed sheets, so it would stand out. I merely altered a corset pattern, as well as creat a new pattern for a little reversable black jacket I made. It didn't take long, and I'm rather pleased about how it turned out.



Prom Dress

Prom Dress

Prom dress for my sister

♥ 1
Military/Steamy Prom Gown

Military/Steamy Prom Gown

Gown but different

♥ 58
1950's Prom Dress

1950's Prom Dress

Cute 1950's prom Dress

♥ 19
Red Gathered Bubble Prom Dress.

Red Gathered Bubble Prom Dress.

Red gathered bubble dress vintage-ish top

♥ 95
Prom Dress

Prom Dress

Elegant dress in blue satin and black chiffon

♥ 6
Snow White Prom Dress

Snow White Prom Dress

One poisoned apple coming up.

♥ 96



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