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Pretty Easy

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Waikanae, Wellington, NZ
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Cute old school Barrel Monkey necklace!

Inspiration was from a NZ designer (can't remember-was a few years back now) who was charging big $$$. I figured i'd make my own and it turned out adorable! You can make it any colour you like-Just paint it with nail polish. Always get heaps of compliments and giggles when I wear it. Love it! :)

I will upload some pictures hopefully in a few weeks. The 2nd picture is from about 3 years ago and you cant see it to well!

Obviously the photo in the picture is not it, nor is it mine so credits go to will put my own photo when I have time and stuff to make a new one-this one just gives you the basic idea of how it is supposed to look and where the chain goes.



  1. 1

    Because the Barrel Monkey arm is quite thin and a drill would have been difficult-I improvised. Simply hold the needle over the candle tealight until the tip is hot and melt through the Barrel Monkey arm until all the way through. Repeat both sides. Try and get it through the thickest part-it will last longer.

  2. 2

    When through the arm simply open the jump ring and close it through the hole (it looks better than simply closing it round the entire arm) Attatch the necklace chain at the same time.

  3. 3

    (i'm hoping this isnt to confusing-sorry! i'm new at the whole explaing thing!) You should now have the Barrel Monkey pendant attached to the end of the chain. Now all you have to do is attach the other 2 jumper rings on either side of the necklace and attach the clasps. Done! Easy as and now you have an adorable necklace! Enjoy!


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