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Pretty Easy

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Kraków, Kraków
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skirt old jeans pieces bandage sewing

If you want know how change your old jeans for bandage skirt visit



You Will Need


  1. How to sew a denim skirt. Bandage Skirt From Piecec Of Old Jeans ... - Step 1 1

    And here, this "rule" on it:)
    1. Cut off a leg.
    2. Cut enough of them, such elongated triangles.
    3. We combine the triangles (the narrower part of a broader transformation, and so on). Sew and finish. Presses the seams toward the bottom.
    4. When we already have two such parts: front and rear. Sew the side (to fit our figures). I finish. Presses the seam toward the back.
    5. We cut a hole in the castle, and unwound the edges.
    6. Sew the castle and finish the edges.
    7. Roll up the top and bottom of the skirt, then first on the 0.5cm to 1cm. Presses and pierces.
    AND GO!

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