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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Spicy Shrimp Tacos with a Chipotle Lime Sauce

Ancho-seasoned sauteed shrimp wrapped into three flour tortillas. Topped with fresh avocado slices, shredded cabbage, diced tomato, and drizzled with a chipotle lime sauce.



  1. 1

    In a large plastic bag combine garlic powder, chili powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, shrimp, and 1 tsp olive oil. Mix thoroughly, and marinate for 20 minutes.

  2. 2

    For the sauce combine mayo, sour cream, chipotle pepper, adobo sauce, and lime juice. Mix well, set aside until ready to serve. You will probably have leftovers of this sauce.

  3. 3

    In a large skillet over medium high heat, heat 1 tsp of olive oil. Saute shrimp until cooked through. About 5 minutes total.

    To serve: Fill a tortilla with cabbage, shrimp, tomatoes, avocados, and top with chipotle sauce.

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