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Austin, Texas, United States
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Vintage Stove Top Back Spash

Our local craft store had these replica vintage tin sign boards on sale. I purchased seven and came up with this back splash to protect my walls from the heat of the stove top. They come in various images and slogans which makes it fun and colorful. They mount easily and clean up with just vinegar. My favorite slogan is "EAT HERE AND GET GAS".


  1. How to make furniture. Back Splash For Your Kitchen Stove Area - Step 1 1

    Layout the design. Fitting them fully from top to bottom. I had to tuck these behind my exhaust fan 1/4". Don't leave any gaps otherwise spatters will still hit your wall behind. I have a gas stove and I only wipe these with vinegar twice or so a month to keep them clean. If you deep fry you may need to clean more frequently.

  2. How to make furniture. Back Splash For Your Kitchen Stove Area - Step 2 2

    Try to not make intersections that all four meet at. I've layed them out so they are off a bit. These tin signs have already drilled holes. Next, push the hole punch in, set your nail with washer and hammer it in.

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