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bloomsbury, london, United Kingdom
Square small guts 1299249451
Square small aum 1297422789
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chill out while i chill out

this aum chart is from kody may's blog - check her out she has some lovely and different designs.

i carried a printout of this aum chart in my beach bag two years running on my annual trip to ibiza to chill out on the beach, dance my old lady butt off, and visit my tattooist friend who lives there.

ibiza's history is actually more hippy commune, than clubby island and that vibe still is strong - i wanted to work on something while i was there that enhanced that vibe.

after my second year crocheting on the beach and while hanging out at the tattoo shop, i had enough squares for a double bed sized blanket!

i crocheted a row of dc around each square then slip stitched all the squares together. the week i finished it i caught bad flu, and being wrapped up in it definitely made me feel better...

...but also meant i didn't make as many tassels for it as planned!



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