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Oakland/Bay Area, california, United States
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Aubrey "Drake" Graham & Rihanna Perler bead art

i made these out of perler beads beacause im in love with both of these guys!



Hama Bead Hand Print Square

Hama Bead Hand Print Square

hama beads, hand print.

♥ 3
Hama Bead Taj Mahal

Hama Bead Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

♥ 1
Making Perler Creations

Making Perler Creations

An Introduction and Tips on Making Perler Creations

♥ 32
Pixelrama   The Dude

Pixelrama The Dude

Mugshot of the Dude from the movie Big Lebowski - after Jude Buffum's pixel art

♥ 9
Pixelrama No.5   Wonder Woman Primeop Custom

Pixelrama No.5 Wonder Woman Primeop Custom

Micro-bead pixelrama patterned after custom sprite by Primeop

♥ 13
Peyote Stitch Bead Pattern

Peyote Stitch Bead Pattern

beaded elvis

♥ 3



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