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, Connecticut, United States
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up-cycled door stop

A friend was going to get rid of this apple prop she uses in her photography studio so I grabbed it! It had a sticker that was taken off the front, and left a black mark and missing paint behind! So I took out my pencil and drew a worm hole and a little worm coming out of it! A little paint and a coat of Mod Podge and a door stop for work have I! :)


Weighted Giraffe Plush

Weighted Giraffe Plush

Cute doorstop giraffe for my Mum's birthday :)

♥ 16
Friendly Owl Door Stop

Friendly Owl Door Stop

make this super friendly and useful owl to keep you company (and the door open!)

♥ 29
Boot Door Stop

Boot Door Stop

These cement-filled boots are made for stopping...

♥ 7
Little Chicken Doorstop

Little Chicken Doorstop

guarding the coop!

♥ 15
Babies Door Cover

Babies Door Cover

keeps the door quiet

♥ 7
Concrete Wellies

Concrete Wellies

Great as ornaments or doorstops

♥ 10



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