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Nice 'n' Simple

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Square small spring and summer 2012 193
Square small anchor 1 1325820713
for those times when you want to wear your love for the sea on your head...

I like ocean-themed projects, the ocean, and projects without a lot of complicated steps. Here is a beanie that is tough enough to be punk and subtle enough to show your love for the sea!




  1. How to make a beanie. Anchor Beanie - Step 1 1

    Unroll beanie, lay flat, prepare. (I got this anchor stencil for .59 at a craft store--I know the finished version looks huge, but this stencil is probably about 5-6 inches high).

  2. How to make a beanie. Anchor Beanie - Step 2 2

    Paint woodblock stencil, position lovingly on hat, press down. Hum one line of your favorite song (for funsies).

  3. How to make a beanie. Anchor Beanie - Step 3 3

    Pull off anchor, repeat step 2 if image isn't dark enough. Let dry overnight. Wear.

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