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Longwood University, VA, US
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oh yeah...I do my calculations old school!!

In my Teaching Elementary math class today (to bad I am going to change my major to graphic design), we made an abacus!!!

We are learning how to do and teach bases other than ten. You know how you learn this stuff in like 3rd grade and never use it again?? We'll you use it again if you are going to teach third grade! was so fun to its worth some fun!!

you'll have to click on the pics to get them full size...whoops!



  1. How to make a toy. Amazing Abacus - Step 1 1

    Glue the popsicle sticks so that they are doubled one on top of the other, flat side to flat side not side by side. Make 6 sets of 2.

  2. How to make a toy. Amazing Abacus - Step 2 2

    halve the skewers and glue one of the sets of 2 to the ends of the 4 half-skewers. Glue another set of 2 on top of the skewers....a popsile stick - skewers - popsicle stick sandwich!!

  3. How to make a toy. Amazing Abacus - Step 3 3

    thread 2 of the 8 beads on each skewer and then thread 5 of the 20 beads on each skewer. Make sure to leave a space between the 2 and the 5 on each skewer so you can glue the other popsicle sets of 2 on.

  4. How to make a toy. Amazing Abacus - Step 4 4

    Now, glue one set of 2 under the abacus in between the yellow and blue beads, and another set at the end of the abacus underneath the skewers. Glue the last 2 sets of 2 on top of the skewers between the yellow and blue beads and on the top of the skewers at the end of the abacus

    It should look like this

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