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Version This project is a version of "Alternative" Baby Toy by Flail of the flair


Nice & Simple

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, , New Zealand
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Small baby block
Small skull top1
Based on "Alternative" Baby Toy by Flail of the flair

Sick of your run of the mill baby blocks, you know, cutesy wootsy ones... :) Don't worry I do own some of those too :) I created these, baby bone blocks.... numbers in bone font on a black fabric block, topped with a rattler inside :) I am going to make some bone abc blocks to match :)

Peelable Banana Plushie

Peelable Banana Plushie

:D Cute banana plush toy

♥ 254
Felt Cherry Blossom

Felt Cherry Blossom

brings good fortune and love...<3

♥ 230
Fish To Sushi Plushie

Fish To Sushi Plushie

A transforming sushi to fish, fish to sushi plushie.

♥ 2285
Zombie Kitty

Zombie Kitty

Kitty Wants to Play!

♥ 439
Squid To Sushi

Squid To Sushi

My food is alive!!

♥ 367
Panda Plushie

Panda Plushie

Sew an adorable panda.

♥ 591



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