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Based on Alice In Wonderland Necklace by Javabean

I made some eat mes about maybe 2 years ago. and I didn't have anything to do with them so I made a drink me to go with them. Unfortuatly the drink me bottle sucked, so I covered it with nail polish and now its sticky. So I decided to make a new drink me bottle from the Felix Feline bottle (It was an epic fail as a "liguid luck") It took me forever to get the nail poilsh off. It looks milky white becuse I accedently squrited some glue in the glitter water. But nothing I can do about that, the bottle is sealed shut(I hope).


Metel Roses

Metel Roses

From a can of soda to a gleaming rose

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Night In A Capsale

Night In A Capsale

I captured a piece of the night sky

♥ 31
Love Potion #1 And #2

Love Potion #1 And #2

Find your Soul mate with a love potion charm

♥ 4
Message Keyring

Message Keyring

This is a message in a bottle, on a keyring! You can make one for youself or for your friends!

♥ 12
Miniature Jellyfish In A Bottle

Miniature Jellyfish In A Bottle

Mini jellies :D

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Cute Tiny Jar Charm

Cute Tiny Jar Charm

Cute charm just for you.

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