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alice in wonderland, necklace, jewelry, key, handmade, DIY, bottle, drink me

This handmade necklace is my creation :)
I've printed 2 "Drink me" on an 'old' paper and I sticked them on a credit card.
Into the bottle, it's fake blood for Halloween x]

Looove Alice In Wonderland ;)


Mothers Day Gift Ideas For Kids   Diy Terrarium Necklace
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Mothers Day Gift Ideas For Kids Diy Terrarium Necklace

This tutorial show another new and novel mother s day gift ideas for kids; that is diy terrarium necklace, simple to do and latest trendy to follow.

♥ 20
Faux Perfume Bottle
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Faux Perfume Bottle

Create the feel of the magical orient with this exotic looking Faux Perfume Bottle Pendant

♥ 6
Bottle Necklace
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Bottle Necklace

super cute, super quick

♥ 9
'Elixir Of Life' Potion Necklace
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'Elixir Of Life' Potion Necklace

A potion bottle necklace inspired by Harry Potter =)

♥ 68
Tiny Terrarium Necklace
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Tiny Terrarium Necklace

Make a miniature terrarium necklace using a tiny bottle, moss, and a crystal.

♥ 117
Felix Felicis Necklace
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Felix Felicis Necklace

Faux Felix Felicis finery! Liquid-looking without any liquid.

♥ 184


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