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About this project

24 days of surprises!

My son's new advent calendar is finally finished! It only took 7 days, lol. Now he can reuse it every year. It consists of 24 little bags with the number of the day, hanging on a dowel which is hanging with a ribbon. This year I put candy in each of the bags, next year I'd like to put in small toys and games or something less tooth-rotty.

Bags are machine stitched. The felt numbers are secured with a tiny bit of tacky glue and hand stitched with embroidery floss accent.



Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

How to make a wonderful Advent Calendar to allow your children to countdown to Christmas…

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3 D Joke Tree Advent Calendar

3 D Joke Tree Advent Calendar

magpie & cake tutorial: 3D joke tree advent calendar

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Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

I made a last-minute calendar with easy to find supplies

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Diy Bubble Wrap Advent Calendar

Diy Bubble Wrap Advent Calendar

Great Bubble Wrap Calender from Bubble Wrap

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Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Make your own extra special advent calendar for someone.

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Paper Advent Calendar

Paper Advent Calendar

A re-usable paper advent calendar

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